Learn, Integrate and Perform Commercial-Grade Dedication

With the help our experts on the acceptance of Commercial-Grade Products and Services

Support for all stakeholders
+ Regulatory Bodies
+ Owner/Operator
+ Suppliers & Laboratories

We provide clarity on the subject of CGD tailored to your organization's roles, responsibilities and objectives.

Integration of CGD processes and methodology in existing organizations
Support for pilot projects involving mechanical or electrical equipment
Applicability of CGD in various international regulatory regimes
Training of CGD: strategy, risks and good pratice
Implementation of CGD as a part of an ISO 19443, CSA N299 or ASME NQA-1 quality program
Tailored business case or feasibility study for CGD in the supply chain

Our team of regulation, supply chain management and quality assurance experts have authored the FORATOM European Guideline on Commercial-Grade Dedication.

We now support the European Nuclear Industry with all aspects of its implementation and use.

Establishing a CGD Program

Make sure your organization doesn't try to re-invent the wheel. Profit from best practices and the latest guidance. Develop the right policy, processes and procedures to kick-off a CGD program for the best chances of success.

We will support you from the lean set-up and integration of the program through its initial implementation and continual improvement.

Training and Awareness

Individual trainings or train the trainer models for regulators, licensees, suppliers and third parties.
Learn the keys to:
- CGD programmatic elements
- CGD plan elements for products and services
- Rules, techniques and lessons learned behind each phase of the CGD process

CGD European Working Group

Become part of a growing community of professionals involved in the quality assurance and quality control of industrial-grade and serially manufactured products or services.

Knowledge sharing and lessons learned from European organizations based on a common approach.

Advising Laboratory Testing and Inspection Activities

We are experts in the CGD  methodology for the utilization of serial and industrial items in support of safety. You can rely on us when developing dedication plans and performing the dedication itself.

Engaging with the Supply Chain

Learn how to cascade CGD into your supply chain while avoiding risks and pitfalls. Discover strategies for interactions with commercial-grade suppliers as it relates to CGD and acceptance activities during the process.

References and Standards

Learn the acceptable practice and key guidance for the implementation of Commercial-Grade Dedication in a quality program following CSA N299, ASME NQA-1, ISO 19443:2018 and others.

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