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Deep insights catalyzing transformative success in the nuclear power sector.

Global Project Expansion

Our international team of specialists ensures seamless project execution, enabling you to expand your operations and achieve global reach in the nuclear power industry.

Dynamic Business Development & Inteligence

Utilizing a deep network and market insights, we identify growth opportunities and empower your organization to forge strategic alliances with key industry players, securing a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Strategic Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Start to finish support for large, small-modular and micro reactor deployment throughout the whole licensing process we can bring added value to the siting, construction, commissioning and pre-operational activities.

Comprehensive Policy & Strategy Development

We craft innovative long-term strategies and policies that align with best practices, ensuring your organization is at the forefront of the nuclear energy sector.

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Quality Assurance and Safety Culture

Quality assurance of products and services according to all major international and national standards for the nuclear industry.

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Supply Chain Management

Tackling all major issues related to supply chain management including risk management, supplier assessment, CFSI. With our extensive network and expertise, we can help to source equipment and optimize the requirements chain across your supply chain, delivering cost-effective, high-quality products to maintain your competitive advantage.

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We are experts in the CGD  methodology for the utilization of serial and industrial items in support of safety.

Apollo+ authored the FORATOM European Guideline on CGD.

Click here to learn more.

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Audits and Oversight

We can perform audits for various purposes as a part of projects large and small and to support continual improvement within organizations of all sizes.

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Business Development

Learn about new markets, their requirements, forecasts, risks and entry points in order to grow your business.

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Regulatory & Customer Compliance

Lean, built-in integration of new requirements into existing processes and procedures to ensure a cost-effective management system.

Quality in Products and Services Important to Nuclear Safety (ITNS)

Achieve nuclear-grade quality, customer satisfaction and lean integration into your existing quality management system. We support compliance across various jurisdictions.

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ISO 19443:2018
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Customer-specific requirements
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10CFR50 Appendix B
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Commercial-Grade Dedication
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